Business Automation

Speaking the customer's language


First things first - we are a small group of technology enthusiasts. We loved what we studied, and we enjoy what we do.

We are also professionals with academic background in the field of engineering and IT technologies. Our job is to reconcile common language of business problems with rapidly branching trends in IT and its bundled technologies.

IT became multifaceted and multidisciplinary. It also raised the bar and set new standards in business. What was once an acceptable and valid solution to a problem in a commercial or industrial enterprise - is not any more.

Nowadays, IT may solve business puzzles in many different ways. But, which one is the right way for an arbitrary case? Why should one be preferred over the other? What are the alternatives and what are the trade-offs?

It's getting very hard to draw the line, even when it comes to software and hardware - let alone platforms, protocols, language trends and other technicalities. This whole complexion of modern technologies widened the gap between a common managerial knowledge and their understanding of IT as an instrument. The pace is simply too fast to keep.

This is where we found our niche. We believe that we speak both languages well. We spend most of our time listening to customers, dissecting problems and brainstorming to come up with creative solutions.

On the journey, we discovered that every single project we were engaged in had a common denominator. All these projects shared repetitive patterns. We have recognized many of them and factored them out, in order to be able to use them in the future generically and ubiquitously. That way was no shortcut, but it turned out to be the right one. Patiently, we've been building our generic business framework ("GeneraTOR"), which today lets us concentrate on project specifics, thus making us sharper and more efficient in many ways.

We also believe strongly that each day is a new opportunity to learn. We pick up the most valuable things from our customers, we spend time reading scientific papers and books, exploring new trends and revisiting the beauty of fundamentals.

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